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Vietnam Social Sciences Review (VSSR) was estabblished in 1982. At first it was planned to appear in English, French and Russian. However, for many reasons, the Russian publication failed to appear, and the French publication first appear quarterly. Since 1994, it has been published bimonthly in English and Vietnamese only (2005).

VSSR has published more than 1000 research papers written by Vietnamese and foreign authors, providing the reades with a considerable amount of research outcome. Data and information on ancient cultures, contemporary and modern histories of Vietnam, the struggle for peace and independence by the Vietnamese people, the construction of socialism in Vietnam, and current issues of Vietnamese social sciences and humanities.

VSSR reades belong to different social groups, from researchers, socio-political practitioners to professors, students, foreigners in Vietnam and abroad. Some famous publishers such as LULRICHs International Periodical Directory (US), Europe Publicatons Limited (Malaysia),etc. have introduced the Vietnam Social Sciences Review in their information pages.

Up, to September 2008, the Review has published 128 issues, including may special issues on President Ho Chi Minh, August Revolution, Vietnamese Women, Hoa Binh Culture, Social Sciences in the South, Han – Nom studies, etc. the Review also published supplemental issues on the national drama, Indian history and culture and books entitled Ho Chi Minh and his native country (in Russian and in English). Many issues about 1000 years of Thang Long – Ha Noi, 200 years of Ho Chi Minh city, Quan Ho Bac Ninh…

            In the coming years, the review will concentrate on the publication of research papers of Vietnamese scholars on :

1. The problems of Marxism - Lenism and Ho Chi Minh Thought in the contemporary world context, and especially in the context of Doi Moi (Renovation) in Vietnam.

2. The theoretical and practical issues of the social and humanities directly related to the economic, political, cultural and social development of the country, including socialist-oriented market economy, political reforms, maintenance and development of national cultural identities globalization, etc.

3. The social science problems and human science of Vietnam in history and contemporary, too.

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